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Elisa Airaghi


Always “connected”. In a big productive mess, she constantly creates thousand of ideas! Writes post-it messages for everyone and always finds the way to solve a critical matter. She spreads without stop the passion for this job: press office and events are part of her long since.


Manuela Cappellini


Well organized and plodder, she hands over energy and passion. Emphatically, quickly enters in accordEquipped of sports background and international marketing experiences: carries team mood into the agency turned to a continuous improvement.

Fiorenza Sarotto

Bocconi graduated, she’s the older of the group, not only on paper! Always on the move with her Vespa, she easily passes from teaching at Marangoni Institute Masters to business consultancy and then to the agency to deal with marketing and business developments.


Donatella De Lellis

Wherever she is, you will find her with a smartphone in her hands looking for new social developments! She juggles between unpredictable trends and innovations that change the rules of the game. She has a conflictual relationship with Monday morning alarm but once she gets off the track no one can stop her!

Ljanka Ruscino

H24 online, 100% Digital PR, always alerted on the latest news and known victim of Packaging world. She loves her job, big goals and challenges, facing them every day with creativity. Untidy of nature but methodical by experience, always with a to do list in progress.


Sara Tulli

Born in Rome, adopted by the Milan community, she’s the operational reference of our team.
Funny and sunny, she welcomes everyone with her genuineness and if you do not have the right look, she’ll definitely have the right solution!

Gianluca Costa

Precise, organized, demanding and always looking for new incentives and knowledge. PR for him is a way of life. Trends and innovations have no secrets: anticipating times is his motto.


Ambra Russo

Extrovert and lively, an always up to date “Party Girl”. Events and fashion shows are her lifeblood. She takes care of press office and PR, passing from the most famous female magazines to male newspapers, always looking for new contacts and features.

Young and dynamic, she faces job challenges with determination and resourcefulness. She supports press office team,  so she’s therefore gifted with great patience!