How many hours of our time do we spend on Instagram, scrolling through the profile photos belonging to our favorite brands? With the increasingly hectic life that we lead, we often only have a little time to peek at the new collections, finding among the recent posts a product that we would like to add to our wardrobe (even if the closet is full, we always find a small space!). What if we could buy the product directly from the posts, without wasting our precious time?

Now we can! Introduced in the United States last year, the Shopping feature has also reached our peninsula, starting to be available also for Italian Companies.

It’s now possible to tag all the items that will appear in the posts published by the brand (no more than 5 for image), but it will be necessary for it to have a catalog of the articles on its Facebook account and a business account. With this new feature the user will only need to look for the bag icon at the top right side of the post, click on the article tag and, in the next page, find the Buy Now button to be directly addressed on e-commerce of the brand.

This new Shopping feature represents an important innovation both for those who buy online mainly using the smartphone both for the brands themselves, which can thus channel their followers to an immediate and loyal business, starting an incredible seamless commerce experience. Moreover, passing through the brand profile of the brand, the Instagrammer will create a bond of trust with the brand, which in this way it will demonstrate to understand the need of the users that want to be free to choose the mode of purchase that they prefer, faster and more intuitive as possible.


Pictures from our client @tekbrushes