This year, the agency founded by Elisa and Manuela celebrates eight years, a goal that the two co-founder decided to celebrate by creating the fashion column “Words from No Words” of which this article is a part.
“It is known that in necessity you understand who is loyal and trustworthy. During last months we juggle between motherhood and new professional challenges. Both of us had to rely on people around us and, in this particular period, our team supported our work and helped us to face new situations.
What has facilitated us the most, and which is still our activity added value, is variety of the team, constituted by young and totally different persons that, during brainstorming consider several faces of the same problem. And even if some times this may appear like a trouble, evaluate opinion of each member of the team is a constructive moment, in which we manage to understand their point of view, changing our mind and adapting our strategy towards the right choice”.