This year, the agency founded by Elisa and Manuela celebrates eight years, a goal that the two co-founder decided to celebrate by creating the fashion column “Words from No Words” of which this article is a part.
“We are emerging from the coordinations of Montecarlo Fashion Week and, at the end of this new experience, which officially opened the month of June, we thought it was almost impossible not to touch a subject much debated lately: digital shows.
As insiders we live every day the advent of digital and we feel like this is changing the fashion world, however, even if the change is perceived by employees in this sector we believe it is still not enough widespread.
Although some brands have enthusiastically welcomed the digitization, by investing resources to start a structured and successful digital communication, we see every day how there are still many companies that do not care about this potential.
And this refusal emerged during February fashion shows, by creating a large controversy about the live streaming of the shows that were before reserved only to the elite of the trade.
Controversy, from our point of view, that should be completely outdated, not only for the important role that digital technology now shows to have but also for the nature of the fashion industry that has always been the forerunner of trends. That’s why, in this short article we want open this month of fashion weeks with Suzy Menkes quote hoping that the message gets through the right ears loud and clear.”