If you are a social media addicted you will surely know what hashtags are and what they are used for, but do you really know how they work and what are the latest news on this topic? Let’s find out together!

Social news travel so fast that you do not have time to keep up and see what interests you the most. So, hashtags allow us to sketch news, images and videos and find more information on a specific theme. Therefore, hashtags work as news aggregator that, in order to help the user finding the desired content, allow publishers to increase their popularity by getting more like, followers and other interactions.

So far, it’s all clear, but what are the most popular and most appropriate hashtags to be really successful? The answer is that they are too many and you cannot just use them all. Our advice? Take advantage of the hashtags by picking up a topic (es. Made in Italy), choose all related hashtags and then keep only the most efficient. It is also useful to keep an eye on the competitors to discover new and engaging hashtags that you did not think about.

But why is it now even more important to use hashtags correctly? Soon on all Instagram profiles, it will be possible to follow the hashtags in addition to the profiles. This new functionality will allow the users to follow stories and posts posted with a specific hashtag. The ability to follow the hashtags as well will, make it possible to see photos, which are related to the specific hashtag, for relevance and news directly from our timeline.

Do not be unprepared, take advantage of this new feature by communicating more strategically and creating specific audiences with different interests. Tag your initiatives and invite users to follow them to stay up-to-date, just as you do on Facebook with the creation of event pages.

And finally, find the trendiest hashtag in line with your interest and create quality content.
You will surely have the edge over others!