No Words becomes the stage where the SS2018 collections reveal the trends of the coming season through the innovative and emotional outfitting created by VisualConsulting

8 and 9 November 2017 – Milan – #NOwordsYEStrends No Words presented the SS2018 collections exhibiting the trends of next season with an innovative and emotional outfitting by

Press Days No Words have been revolving around a season around a concept aimed at highlighting the characteristics of the individual brands displayed. After #NOwordsYEScolors, #NOwordsYESnumbers and #NowordsYespeople we landed on the #NOwordsYEStrends hashtag: “An ever-increasing need is to create storytelling, telling companies, brands, people behind” the reality we represent “, has said Manuela Cappellini, co-founder of No Words.”We turned to some partners, creating collaborations and networking” said Elisa Airaghi, co-founder of the Milanese agency.

This time, the iconic pieces of each brand are emphasized by Marco Sanna’s ideas and creativity by, in collaboration with Radio Sata service and Lumx. The theorem on which the exhibition was based was the exaltation, by using images, sounds and scents of the basic concepts of collections. The leaders have become the protagonists and the stage room: the pictures of Cristian Castelnuovo, an internationally renowned photographer, whose works are published on the major headlines, dressed the whole location for an engaging and emotional result. The pictures depicted on the walls, the screenings and the sounds heard in the hall, they carried on a multisensory journey that conveyed at the same time the great work that lies behind the creation of each collection. To wear selected outfits, Dollhouse Manichini creations: industry leader, collaborates with many fashion houses. From design to production, the company offers the innovative “true-to-life” technology that replicates the model that best meets the needs of any fashion company. To accompany the guests, the wines of the exclusive cellar Sarda Antigori since 2008 owned by Carlo Scano. His passion for the vineyard and the Sardinian land made possible the production of high -quality organic wines.

*** It is born in Milan, from an idea of ​​the visual merchandiser Marco Sanna. VisualConsulting operates in the 360​​° world of image and uses the best Italian suppliers to be able to offer the best solutions: from display cabinet design, interior design and lay-out product visualization. In parallel, Visual Consulting realizes creativity and organization of events in Italy and worldwide –