One of the certainties we have on trends in the social media sector is that they are changing and evolving so fast that, at the time they are written, they risk becoming fashionable. But which changes affect the industry?

That the content, especially social media, is becoming more and more visual is not new. In 2017, it was remarkably established with the introduction or consolidation of tools and integrations in the various platforms. Insufficient and poor content, therefore, is becoming more and more time-consuming for publishers and content users. Our advice? Analyze the social and trend that grows from the bottom instead of focusing on what your competitors place and ride the wave of novelties by adapting your campaigns and content to the latest trends! Also, do a great deal of attention to the words and what people say about you, using these indicators to compare them with your strategies and outcomes.

Another advice? Create and distribute native mobile content (unlike mobile friendly) because the ever-evolving trends have led more and more Facebook to be dominated by mobility, adapting user experience with new features and new feeds designed for use in apps .

All right, you’re thinking, but the real trend of 2017 what was it? Undoubtedly, we can say that the videos have been made by bosses and in 2018 they will see their growth rate duplicated, becoming one of the most common means of communication, crucial to generating engagement and building the fanbase. In this sense, we are moving more and more towards a world in which these tools allow us to live and interact in a more “natural” way, shortening the distances that were present at the advent of social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat with the introduction of stories, are the example of how direct, fast, and natural interaction is at the basis of communication between people. If we think that getting more and more closer to users, customers or potential ones is one of the company’s first goals. We can not help but consider it a must-have in communication strategies.

Last word for you? Well, we can not conclude this article without talking about chatbots! For those who have not yet had the pleasure of interacting with artificial intelligence, bots are written programs to imitate our conversation, which allow us to interact to buy online products, interact with a service, and get information. A technology that allows a more immediate and immediate contact between the buyer and the brand and that in 2017 was also introduced on Facebook.

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